The Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme has a selection of eight funds. You can invest in as many funds as you wish, and change your fund choice(s) at any time.

Money is held by the supervisor (the Scheme’s Trustee) and pooled with the money of other investors in the fund(s). We invest this money on behalf of all investors in the fund.

The money you invest buys units in the fund(s) you select. Each unit has a price which is usually calculated on each business day by dividing the total net value of the fund’s assets by the number of units on issue in the fund. The fund’s assets are valued independently of us by BNP Paribas Fund Services Australasia Pty Limited. The value of your investment will be affected by any change in the value of the fund’s assets which is reflected in the fund’s unit price.

The Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives was lodged with the registrar on 31 May 2018 and Other Material Information (OMI) was lodged with the registrar 14 May 2018. The OMI document supplements the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) for each of the Funds.

Applications into the Nikko AM KiwiSaver Scheme are now open. Find out how to apply here.

Fund Name Literature Entry Exit
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Fixed Income
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{{funds.TW0720.title}} Product Disclosure Statement {{#if pricing.TW0720.purchase_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0720.purchase_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}} {{#if pricing.TW0720.redemption_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0720.redemption_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}}
{{funds.TW0738.title}} Product Disclosure Statement {{#if pricing.TW0738.purchase_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0738.purchase_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}} {{#if pricing.TW0738.redemption_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0738.redemption_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}}
{{funds.TW0736.title}} Product Disclosure Statement {{#if pricing.TW0736.purchase_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0736.purchase_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}} {{#if pricing.TW0736.redemption_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0736.redemption_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}}
{{funds.TW0735.title}} Product Disclosure Statement {{#if pricing.TW0735.purchase_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0735.purchase_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}} {{#if pricing.TW0735.redemption_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0735.redemption_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}}
{{funds.TW0737.title}} Product Disclosure Statement {{#if pricing.TW0737.purchase_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0737.purchase_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}} {{#if pricing.TW0737.redemption_price}}{{M:round pricing.TW0737.redemption_price 4}}{{else}}—{{/if}}
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