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Emerging Divergence as Unwinding of QE Gathers Pace

What is the prognosis for Emerging Markets as major global central banks begin to tighten policy?

Mispricing of Volatility in a Post QE World

Is Volatility too low and what re-pricing could mean for various asset markets

Global Multi-Asset Market Outlook 2017

2016 may best be remembered as the year in which Trump won and the world changed. The question becomes which reforms will take centre stage.

Earnings recovery is much more achievable in EM Asia than LatAm or EMEA

Our Multi-Asset portfolio manager based in Singapore reviews the prospects for profit margin expansion in the three main Emerging Market regions.

Implications of low and negative rates for multi-asset investing

Sovereign bonds have traditionally played the role of a defensive, safe haven asset. But if they no longer provide the safety buffer that they once did, how can we best position multi-asset portfolios to mitigate downside risk?

Abenomics hasn't failed yet, but it does face global headwinds

Many are wondering if it's time to give up on Abenomics. While some of the scepticism is understandable, we believe it is too early to throw in the towel.

‘Helicopter money’ could prove effective, but it entails significant risks

The leader of our Multi-Asset Team expounds on the potential benefits and risks of ‘helicopter money’ in Japan.

Is Now the Time to Invest in Brazil?

Since 2011, Brazilian assets have re-priced to the downside. Given the size of the adjustment – both in commodities and assets – the question is whether Brazil is now presenting attractive investment opportunities.

Renminbi: A one-off devaluation or free float in 2016?

As we have seen over the past year in the equity market, the more Beijing wants to exert control, the more it slips away. Is pragmatism going to trump ideology in Beijing? In the current environment, the PBOC letting the RMB free float might not be so unbelievable after all.

Tea and divining the price of oil -- Oil in the 20's: overshooting on the downside

Our Singapore Multi-Asset and Equity team analysts cover oil’s swoon using a bit of humor, but the clear-cut conclusion is of great importance.

Balancing Act - September 2015

Nikko AM Multi-Asset’s global research views to assist clients in balancing their portfolios to produce superior returns.

Balancing Act - June 2015

It’s all about the bonds. The ructions in the government bond markets that started in late April have continued into early June, with sovereign bond yields continuing to move higher.

Will US rate hikes weigh on risk assets?

Real yields and inflation expectations currently suggest exceptionally low growth and low inflation far out into the future.

Balancing Act - March 2015

We believe we are entering a more challenging environment for asset prices (the rebalancing phase) as markets seek to establish a new equilibrium following the destabilising moves in the USD and the oil price.

Balancing Act - February 2015

We see 2015 as a 'rebalancing' year as the market adjusts to the destabilising moves in the USD and oil that occurred in late 2014. There will be new winners and losers as this rebalance takes place...

Finding Growth in Emerging Markets

These reforms coupled with strong balance sheets and demographics will support higher levels of global growth for decades to come.

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