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The Fund excludes any company that derives more than 10% of its revenue from alcohol, pornography, gambling, tobacco and extraction of thermal coal and tar sands oil. There is a full ban on controversial weapons.

Sustainability is one of the critical characteristics we seek in potential investments. Sustainable investing involves systematic consideration of all facets of corporate activity including the materiality of environmental factors and climate change on a company's operations, as well as the company's performance from a social and governance standpoint.

A high conviction, fundamental investment process that delivers attractive and repeatable risk adjusted returns. Our research is expected to be insightful and to generate a high level of conviction in the portfolios we construct.

Nikko AM’s fundamental research identifies mis-priced companies that offer a blend of value, sustainability and growth. Fundamental research is crucial to establish a clear level of intrinsic value versus the market. It delivers insights into the sustainability, competitive advantages and likely catalysts that must be monitored.


The Nikko AM Wholesale SRI Equity Fund is designed to provide exposure to New Zealand and Australian equity markets from an actively managed investment portfolio with potential for growth of income and capital. The Fund will support investments that embrace the principles of ethical and sustainable business practices.


To construct a portfolio of authorised investments that aims to outperform the Fund's benchmark return by 3.0% per annum over a rolling three year period before fees.


S&P/NZX 50 Index Gross


March, June, September, December