Other Material Information (OMI) for this fund was lodged with the registrar on 10 September 2021. The OMI document supplements the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) and provides further informtion about how this fund works.

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The purpose of this Fund is to utilise capital to generate returns to help support a charity. This fund gains its investment exposure by investing in NZ cash, fixed interest and Australasian equities via other Nikko AM Funds.


The fund aims to provide a regular income to the charity from an actively managed investment portfolio and to maintain the value of investor's capital and to outperform the RBNZ Official Cash Rate by +1.50% p.a.

How it works

The return on your investment will be paid directly to TearFund (the charity) for use in its work to combat human trafficking and modern slavery. The unit price can never exceed $1.00. However, if the unit price falls below $1.00, then any investment gains will be used to bring the unit price back to $1.00 before donations to the charity recommence. The Fund makes a monthly distribution payment to the charity.


RBNZ OCR +1.5%


The Fund distributes to the charity each month in the form of a donation.

The donation comprises two parts:

  • The management fee charged to the fund will be paid to the charity in full each month
  • Investment returns will be paid to the charity monthly, with a final wash-up payment made at the year end or shortly after, so all eligible investment returns will be fully paid to the charity each year.

  • No distributions are expected to be made to investors.