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The Nikko AM Wholesale Property Fund approaches property investment from a purist standpoint, remaining true to an accurate definition of listed property investment. When forming views emphasis is placed on yield, sustainability of yield, net tangible assets and adjusted funds from operations. In addition analysis is conducted on dominance in industry, gearing levels, management quality, market liquidity and identifying company and sector growth prospects.

Nikko AM NZ’s fundamental research identifies mispriced companies that offer a blend of value, sustainability and growth. Fundamental research is crucial to establish a clear level of intrinsic value versus the market. It delivers insights into the sustainability, competitive advantages and likely catalysts that must be monitored.


The Nikko AM Wholesale Property Fund is designed to provide investors with an exposure to New Zealand listed property securities and, on an opportunistic basis, Australian listed property securities from an actively managed investment portfolio.


To construct a portfolio of authorised investments that aims to outperform the Fund's benchmark return by 1.5% per annum over a rolling three year period before fees.


S&P/NZX All Real Estate (Industry Group) Gross with Imputation Index


March, June, September, December