Fact SheetFact Sheet

Nikko AM NZ has engaged JP Morgan Alternative Asset Management Inc (JPMAAM) for the management of alternative assets. The Fund obtains investment exposure by investing in the Multi-Strategy Fund II, Ltd (MSF II Ltd).

JPMAAM is headquartered in New York with teams in London, Geneva and Singapore and manages and advises on over USD12 billion in multi and single-strategy funds-of-funds. JPMAAM have a team of 79 professionals dedicated to hedge fund investing.

JPMAAM are able to deliver access to substantial market, industry and investment resources. JPMAAM has deep, long-standing industry networks and relationships.


By integrating a number of hedge fund strategies, the objective is to generate capital appreciation over the long term through having a diversified risk profile, with relatively low volatility and a low correlation with traditional equity and fixed-income markets.

JPMAAM operate a thorough and comprehensive operational due diligence process and adopt a sceptical approach to hedge fund investing, focusing on what could go wrong and where the risk lies.

The breadth of choice of multi strategy investments, increased complexity and ‘unproven’ strategies make investing a research intensive process. JPMAAM undertake a high degree of due diligence, research and ongoing monitoring.

JPMAAM’s 31 investment analysts each cover four to six hedge funds. This high coverage ratio allows analysts to dig deeper and engage in thorough analysis and monitoring.


The purpose of the Nikko AM Wholesale Multi-Strategy Fund is to provide investors with access to a multi-manager, multi-strategy investment programme designed to generate capital appreciation over the long term through a portfolio having a diversified risk profile.


To construct a portfolio of authorised investments that outperform the Fund's benchmark return over a rolling three year period after fees.


Blomberg NZBond Bank Bill Index plus 3% per annum

Hedging policy

JPMAAM is responsible for hedging foreign currency exposures to NZD.