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A multi-manager global equity strategy, managed by a specialist team based in Sydney and Melbourne. Investment personnel from Yarra Capital Management in Australia and Nikko AM New Zealand are responsible for the ongoing monitoring of all underlying investment managers.


The investment strategy is based upon bottom-up stock picking. In order to achieve high performance outcomes in a risk controlled manner, the approach is to outsource the stock picking to a range of exceptional international investment managers.

Although the underlying managers follow their own investment ethos, they are blended in such a way as to target superior risk-adjusted returns.

The underlying managers have excellent long-term track records and a demonstrated ability to consistently perform throughout the investment cycle.

The current international investment managers are:

  • WCM Investment Management
  • Nikko Asset Management Europe
  • Royal London Asset Management
  • JP Morgan Asset Management


The Nikko AM Global Equity Multi-Manager Unhedged Fund is designed to provide investors with long term growth from an actively managed investment portfolio selected from global equity markets.


To construct a portfolio of authorised investments that outperform the Fund's benchmark return by 3.0% per annum over a rolling three year period before fees.


MSCI All Countries World Index (net dividends reinvested) - NZD unhedged

Hedging policy