Nikko AM NZ provides comprehensive investment solutions to corporate superannuation schemes, community trusts, charitable trusts, foundations, corporations, other fund managers and other wholesale investors. In addition to the wholesale funds below, Nikko AM NZ also provides segregated accounts for larger clients.

Our aim is to provide superior returns and client service – our clients come first. We pride ourselves on our integrity, transparency and commitment to customer service.

Fund Name Literature Entry Exit
{{funds.TW0607.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0607.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0607.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0613.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0613.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0613.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0612.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0612.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0612.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0622.title}} FAct Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0622.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0622.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0632.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0632.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0632.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0618.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0618.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0618.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0619.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0619.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0619.redemption_price 4}}
Fixed Income
{{funds.TW0606.title}} FAct Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0606.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0606.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0605.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0605.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0605.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0634.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0634.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0634.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0610.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0610.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0610.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0601.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0601.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0601.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0617.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0617.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0617.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0628.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0628.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0628.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0609.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0609.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0609.redemption_price 4}}
{{funds.TW0629.title}} Fact Sheet {{M:round pricing.TW0629.purchase_price 4}} {{M:round pricing.TW0629.redemption_price 4}}
Price Date: {{dateFormat 'd F Y'}}

Distributions: 24 Mar 2016 24 Jun 2016 22 Sep 2016 16 Dec 2016

22 Mar 2017 22 Jun 2017 21 Sep 2017 14 Dec 2017